MoGo: Intelligent, Durable, Programmable

Real time data capture, monitoring, and customized branding

enterprise mobility

Workflow Transformation
In the Palm of Your Hand

Fleet tracking, service form processing, and environmental monitoring cause endless headaches and delays. Inventory form processing and manual data capture slow workflow down dramatically.  Endless clip boards and charts keep healthcare provider from seeing more patients.

Profits suffer and worker moral diminish when old technology handicaps workflow potential.

Barcode scanner options

Shock, vibration, and moisture protection

Environmental Sensors

Additional level of battery life via OtterBox uniVERSE case system

EMV Payment Option

Programmable, LED-based buttons

Cloud Connected IoT Sensors

Modular accessories allow readers, scanners, imagers, and sensors

enterprise mobility

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MoGo Means High Tech
Enterprise Solutions

Moblelisk MoGo smart cases fit any 5-6” smartphone. Integrating a smartphone with a MoGo smart case transforms any phone into time saving efficiency driving modular solution.


Extensive APIs for software integration with both mobile apps and back-end enterprise management

Modularity & Extensibility

Private Branding Options & Multiple interchangeable peripherals


Shock resistant technology & extended battery with swappable battery packs and Qi wireless charging

Appliance Buttons

Fully programmable & LED illuminated