Work Flow Means Maximized ROI

Transform the most popular off-the-shelf iOS and Android products into enterprise-grade, workflow solutions.

MaxWorkFlow Modules augment the OtterBox uniVERSE case system with enhanced capabilities for operational performance across the most-demanding of industrial environments.

enterprise mobility management

Monitor Workflows
and Maximize Profits

A work crew arrives to their job location and awaits work assignments wasting valuable time.  A technician servicing a machine in the field needs to order a new part but can’t until he gets back to the office. An onsite crew working in extreme heat unknowingly jeopardize their safety and violate OSHA codes. A cashier in a mobile location can’t take a payment because the card reader can’t connect to the network.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? We thought so. That’s why Mobelisk MaxWorkFlow Modules were designed with you in mind.


Coupled with the uniVERSE case system allows operation in the most-demanding of environments.


Additional battery capacity chargeable via wired and wireless connections and coupled with a patented power management system for optimal overall system performance.

Optimized UI

Programmable, LED-based buttons allowing the entire solution to be controlled via an appliance-like user interface.


Options for peripherals and sensors to augment a wide variety of iOS and Android solutions.


Equipped with a range of dedicated sensors with data consistently aggregated to the Cloud and made available for proactive service and support and advanced operational analytics.


Complete set of libraries allowing seamless integration into both mobile applications and enterprise infrastructure.

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MaxWorkFlow Modules
for Specific Applications

MaxWorkFlow Modules are initially offered in two configurations with tailored feature sets for specific use cases. MaxWorkFlow Module – Field Services is designed for teams of mobile workers servicing customers across key enterprises. MaxWorkFlow Module – MPOS adds a 3-in-1 mobile payment solution.

Unsurpassed Data Capture

Equipped with the latest peripherals and sensors to facilitate both active and passive data capture for workers in the field to perform at their peak.

Elimination of Antiquated Paper Processes

Integrated with Digital Forms solutions to capture the most relevant data and make it continuously available for operational analytics.

enterprise mobility

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Optimized for Fleet Operations

Integrated with Fleet Management solutions to provide real-time management and interaction with mobile workers boosting productivity and minimizing issues before they become real problems.

Behavioral Analytics and Vehicle Safety

Optional, integrated driving analytics package available to monitor safety and overall driver behavior for vehicle fleets. Extensible solution available from Mobelisk to control access to applications and functionality to limit distracted driving behavior.

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Request a demo unit today and experience
real-world workflow transformation in action.

MaxWorkFlow Module Field Service
Monitoring and Data Capture

Optional Barcode Scanner

Active data capture for a variety of workflow applications


Seamless integration with the most popular off-the-shelf devices

IMU & Magnetometer

Enhanced locational data without solely depending upon GPS coordinates

Humidity Sensors

Critical, real-time environmental data capture

Barometric Pressure Sensor

Accurate vertical height data for workers

Multiple Accelerometers

Dynamic, real-time capture of both shock events and low-level vibrational data

Ready To Try A Demo Unit?

Request a demo unit today and experience
real-world workflow transformation in action.

MaxWorkFlow Modules
3-in-1 MPOS

Equipped with an additional 3-in-1 mobile point-of-sale solution facilitating magnetic card swipes, EMV smartcard reads, and contactless transactions as well

Integrated with the BridgePay PayGuardian solution allowing open choice of payment processors by enterprise customers

Integrated with a variety of mobile payment applications for customized branding and shopping cart/inventory functionality

Extended Battery for Demanding Multi-Shift Operating Environments

Delivered in a durable overall package facilitating transactions in a wide variety of challenging environments

Full Slate of IoT Sensors connected to the Mobelisk Cloud

Available on a fully DaaS (Deployment as a Service) Business Model