A Different Kind Of Modular

A smart case designed to flexibly integrate with specific 7- to 8- inch tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8” and Samsung Tab E 8″ with more slated for 2017. By choosing the features of your smart case end caps, you can add useful functionality for your enterprise solution.

Introducing Enterprise Appliances

The power of a tablet combined with the ease of a toaster

Appliances make our overall lives easier by taking the sophistication of technology and converting it into an intuitive product that is easy to use at a glance. We’ve seen this principle applied time and again in consumer products. Now, for the first time, Mobelisk takes that same concept and provides a sophisticated yet elegant solution that allows the creation of mobility solutions that delight end users while providing the ROI that enterprises demand.

By incorporating the Enterprise Appliance option into a Mobelisk Chimera case, one has the option of creating an optimized hardware/software user interface that goes light-years beyond the capabilities of simplistic function keys or dedicated mobile applications. Finally, a simple and cost-effective way to deliver an enterprise mobility solution that is custom-made for your particular use case.

Existing Problems


Inefficient solutions that unnecessarily complicate user workflows


Integrates poorly into one software application with a single user interface


Restrictive capabilities that are not easily customizable


Single purpose device that requires extensive custom code development and company-wide training

Mobelisk Key Solutions


Standard architecture built on user-friendly devices for optimal mission-critical workflows


Responsive, fully-featured software applications with a single user interface


Potentially customizable on both Android and iOS platforms with WiFi, 3G/4G enabled


Programmed to off-the-shelf tablets with a robust SDK to support rapid deployment


A whole new concept in enterprise mobility

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Supports 7” - 8” tablets and is OS-agnostic

Extended battery life

For continual operation

Superior Durability

Sealed for standards, with an extra durable layer of protective skin

Simple + Secure

Locked down and safe


Robust SDK for ease of development and rapid deployment

Modular Architecture

Custom end-caps

Custom Branding

Your customer engagement - your branding