About Us

A Different Perspective on Enterprise Mobility

Our History

Mobelisk was born with the goal of delivering enterprise-grade mobility solutions. It all started with a committed contract to build a custom, enterprise tablet for a major channel partner that could be delivered to their key enterprise customers across the world. We did that. It worked as planned. It looked kind of neat and was very aggressively priced… But nobody really wanted that solution.

Mobelisk 2.0...

We were fortunate enough to work with key enterprise customers across a wide variety of markets: field services, retail, healthcare, financial services, construction, and transport – to name a few…  We learned that there is no “one size fits all.” Needs change and evolve. A hardwire device isn’t enough. Even the most sophisticated enterprises need help with a complete solution that delivers on the benefits of the substantial investments being made. Three primary guiding principles emerged from our experience.

Mobelisk Guiding Principles


Leverage commercial-off-the-shelf-products into enterprise solutions


Build modular, extensible, open architectures than can grow and evolve with customer needs


Focus not just on “bells and whistles” of the devices – but on the potential data and the information and insights that the data captured by the devices can generate

Mobelisk Values



We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and transparency in dealing with each other, our customers, and our partners.


Customer Centric

The customer comes first. We do everything we can to anticipate, understand, and meet their needs. We put ourselves in their shoes. We feel their pain.



We always seek to find substantive, unique ways to solve the problems we face, our customers face, and our partners face. We challenge conventional thinking.


No Prima Donnas

Every time we hire someone we do so with the intent to improve the overall performance of the team. We have no tolerance for individuals who put their success above that of the team.


Results Focused

We clearly define, measure, and deliver upon specific goals set for our performance as individuals and as a company. We figure out how to do the impossible.


Irreverent Delight

We are not bound by standard conventions or established hierarchies. We embrace change and use it to our advantage. We strive to have fun in what we do.


Dennis Hamann


  • 20+ years experience in enterprise mobility
  • Successful leadership positions in both corporate (HP) as well as startup environments
  • Proven success with substantive exit
  • Deep product marketing and business development background

Steve Wulchin


  • Co-founder and CEO of Tech Company for 21 years
  • Successful leadership positions in both corporate (HP) and startup environments
  • Strong Financial, Operational and Manufacturing experience

Chris Robson

VP Product
& Engineering

  • 20+ years of product management and engineering experience spanning hardware and software (embedded, mobile, and Web)
  • Successful Leadership of product management and engineering functions in enterprise (Boeing) and startup environments
  • Proven success with substantive exit (LightSurf)