Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Workflow Transformation at the Touch of a Button

Mobelisk provides Durable, Modular, IoT Enabled, Cloud Connected “smart cases” utilizing commercial, off-the-shelf tablets and smartphones to create custom tailored solutions for your business.

New Mobile Technology For Today’s Business

Is Old Technology limiting your business success?

What if there were smarter and more efficient ways to work? What if there were simple solutions to make your business operate more effectively and generate more revenue? There is a lot of state-of-the art technology making big promises, and it’s confusing and overwhelming at best. That’s where Mobelisk is making an impact.

Older, outdated tech is still being used by a lot of companies. It’s oftentimes more than half a decade old, expensive, error-prone, and inflexible or unusable in mobile environments. New technology has open architecture allowing for custom tailored inputs to meet your business’s needs. Unlike old capital-intensive risky business models new tech is data-driven and ROI focused in its design.

We know change is difficult, especially on a large scale, because we’ve been working with businesses for more than 20 years helping them achieve workflow transformation that actually works. Mobelisk helps businesses find clear solutions to complex problems with ease.

Mobelisk Provides
New Solutions To Old Problems

Using commercial, off-the shelf, mobility products to improve your workflow.


Increase safety and efficiency by utilizing the latest mobile technology. Replace paper clipboards with durable technology that gives you all the data you need in real time.


Take payments anywhere and anytime with a connected mobile solution which supports full range payment systems in a durable package. Never miss taking a payment again.


Operation with precision. Real time data feedback, ELD monitoring, and mounting options with simple control buttons to ensure both ease-of-use and safety.


Ensure long range data capture, increase throughput, and make sure you always know what you have, where it’s at, and how to get it off the floor quickly.

More Than Just a Smart Case

We make state-of-the art smart cases – but more importantly we help you:

Get real-time active data capture with barcode and credit card scanning

Capture accurate environmental data as part of your planned workflows

Implement MPOS payment transactions anywhere

Authenticate any of your users via Smartcard Scan

Improve schedule and task monitoring and mitigation

Monitor equipment and repair it before it breaks down

Capture data and communicate in ways that cut costs

Boost operational efficiencies in shipping and inventory logistics

Find new insights into how your business best operates

Work anywhere with passive data capture like temperature, humidity & barometric pressure readings

Extra battery capacity and intelligent duty cycles optimized for your specific operation

Utilize an optimal hardware/software user interface with included Enterprise Appliance Buttons with LEDs

Chimera Awarded “Best of CTIA” by Laptop Magazine

Mobelisk is unmatched when it comes to flexible, durable, customizable modular solutions for companies looking to implement enterprise mobility solutions. Our smart cases are designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of consumer tablets and smartphones. Turn ordinary hand held devices into scanners, card readers, advanced data collectors, and more – all of which are designed to take the workflow of your operations to the next level.




MaxWorkFlow Modules



The Mobelisk Cloud

Access Data, Run Reports, and Get Instant Feedback.

Know you’re putting your resources in the right place at the right time with an always-accessible snapshot of your business operations. Everything you need for your business from device management, configuration, and monitoring services, is contained in one secure and mobile accessible location. Quickly run and view easily-digestible dashboard reports and get real-time data to help you move to the next task as efficiently as possible. Easily configure peripherals, sensors, and applications.

Every peripheral and sensor contained in a Mobelisk product generates its own independent data stream which is aggregated, filtered, and reported via the Mobelisk Cloud.  Data can be viewed within the Mobelisk Cloud user interface or accessed by means of APIs for the consumption and viewing of data within an enterprise’s chosen dashboard.  Additionally, data can be further analyzed and combined within a number of analytics packages in order to provide true operational insights

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