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    Solving the Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

    Modular Case Architecture

    Awarded LAPTOP MAGAZINE "Best of CTIA" Mobelisk has unveiled a flexible, durable, and customizable modular solution for companies looking to implement enterprise tablets within their business. The MoGo Chimera™ is a revolutionary new tablet “smart case” designed to work with the broad array of consumer tablets in the seven-to-eight inch screen size range, transforming them into a durable, secure, mobile enterprise solution providing unparalleled flexibility.

  • Wholepiece

    Mobility for Businesses Large and Small

    End Cap Solutions Offer Targeted Functionality

    As the name suggests, the MoGo Chimera™ is a very customizable Enterprise solution. Companies start by choosing the tablet “engine” -- the seven- to-eight inch consumer tablet that best meets their needs, whether it is an Android or IOS device. Initially we are supporting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" and iPad Mini with additional Tablets to come during 2014. The MoGo Chimera™solution is both tablet agnostic as well as OS agnostic. Realizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, Mobelisk’s goal is to provide robust, flexible tablet solutions for enterprise customers that can be tailored for specific uses through its unique customizable modular platform.

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    Ten Flexible Case Solutions

    Available Now

    Mobelisk currently offers Smart Case solutions for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" and iPad Mini with more Tablets to be added during 2014. Initial Solutions include Durable Blanks, Magnetic Stripe Reader and Laser Barcode Reader. Additional optional solutions will be added in 2014 including I/O Expansion, Read/Write MSR, Power Booster Plus, Biometric ID, EMV/NFC, Chip & Pin, RFID Reader, and a Receipt Printer.

  • Detatchable Bottoms

    Tablet Case Solutions

    to fit your business needs

    All Mobelisk Smart Cases feature extended battery life which may up to double your tablet's battery life! IP54 & Mil Std 810G durability - protected against dust, water, shock and vibration. Enhanced security in each case and best of all, the MoGo Chimera™ is competitively priced.

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    MoGo Chimera™ Enterprise Solution

    Our MoGo Chimera™ offers customizable features to help your business work on the go, integrating with 7-8" tablets like the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7” with others slated to be added in the coming months.

  • Compat Tabs

    Connecting any wireless network, any operating system

    MoGo Chimera™ is compatible with any mobile network, like the Verizon Network. With the MoGo Chimera™ you can add to all the features your tablet has to offer.

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    Built for business Designed for the rigours of heavy use

    Extended Battery Life - up to 2X battery life via a supplemental 5200 mAh battery, IP54 Durability for protection against dust, water, shock and vibration - all at a competitive price make the MoGo Chimera™ the enterprise solution for your business.